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We provide an entire gamut of printing, providing excellence in both offset and digital in Sri Lanka. Printers simply cannot compete with our prices and quality, which is why we have been at the forefront of printing for nearly a decade. We respond to you. Tell us your requirements and we will match it thanks to our versatility and dedicated team. By outsourcing print services to Tharindu digitals , you can benefit from our high-quality services offered at a cost-effective price.


Why is Tharindu Digitals your obvious choice?

At Tharindu Digitals, we have the very-best in printing technology. With the latest in printing technology and with our experienced professionals we provide world-class print services. Choose Tharindu Digitals for the entirety of your printing needs. We are adaptable and skilled, with a team that can service your widest printing needs.


Do you want to speed up prepress production, cut costs substantially and get excellent results?

Our cost-effective print services and timely delivery have made us the first choice for print services. Moreover, we are able to offer digital and offset printing achieves the highest levels of efficiency and quality. Our printers are state-of-the-art and offer rapid turnaround and brilliant image quality. We use only the best in printing machinery, technology and infrastructure. All these traits have made us gain the total satisfaction of our customers.

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